The Essence of Effective Writing Vol. 1

Par Dr. Tayeb Bouazid

Thème : Essai / Etude autres

Format : Grand Format (170x240)

Nombre de pages : 250

Date de publication : 16/09/2016

ISBN : 9782332830418


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The Essence of Effective Writing Volume One sets a demarcation line for the amateur writers who want to cultivate a talent in basic writing. The book offers some basic writing principles and guidelines starting with the simple sentence, the compound and the complex. All along this accompaniment, the future writer has to manipulate spelling, mechanics (punctuation and capitals), unity and logical thinking, exactness, variety, coherence and word structure, emphasis and point of view. The author, through Volume One, sees the importance of stressing Vocabulary besides grammar to reinforce the good use and usage of English as a Foreign language. Hence, Part Two of the book includes Common Phrases and idioms, English Idioms, Idiomatic Uses of To BE, Idiomatic Uses of certain Verbs (Phrasal verbs).

Biographie de Dr. Tayeb Bouazid

Mr Tayeb Bouazid is a postgraduate lecturer in the English Department University of Msila, Algeria. He has an MA in psycho pedagogy and TEFL, a MEd (UNISA), a Teacher Trainer from Lancaster University; a completion certificate with Middle East Partnership in teacher training programs. Mr Bouazid is a freelance writer for the London School of Journalism and a PhD student. The author has contributed with many articles writing-  Southern African Journal of Environmental Education, Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, Per Linguam 2010, South Africa, contributed with poems and short stories with CLRI July 2013, Jan. 2014.  He also contributed with Routledge Publication London, July 7th, 2014. The author has published three books with Edilivre.

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