Teaching English for developmental purposes

Par Julius Ayuk Ayuk

Thème : Sciences humaines

Format : Grand Format (170x240)

Nombre de pages : 442

Date de publication : 31/10/2014

ISBN : 9782332783592


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English language teachers in developing countries should be highly competent in inducing the interest of their students in English lessons and in contributing to decreasing the skills deficit and the high unemployment rate among school leavers. They should as well prepare learners to play significant roles in the socio-economic and socio-cultural development of their communities when they leave school. This handbook presents a practical paradigm that enables teachers to asumme a deconstructionist-reconstructionist posture. The strategies are available. The challenge now lies in a willingness to do things differently.

Biographie de Julius Ayuk Ayuk

Julius Ayuk Ayuk is a Cameroonian born in 1962. He holds a Ph.D. in education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Development Education. His doctoral research designed and operationalized a Metacognitive-Communicative Paradigm for Effective Capacity Building in Environmental Protection at the Grassroots of Cameroon. The author also holds the DIPES II ès Lettres Modernes Anglaises and the licence ès Lettres Modernes Anglaises. He has been teaching English to students in secondary and tertiary institutions in Cameroon since 1986, and has been a Pedagogic Inspector of English for Technical and Vocational Education. As a Development Education consultant, he works principally as a program developer in collaboration with experts of different specialisms.

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