No child Left behind

What Do American Teachers Do To Engineer Students’ Success?

Par Samira Elfilaly

Thème : Essai / Etude autres

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 230

Date de publication : 16 avril 2014

ISBN : 9782332663023


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"N C S B" is the second edition of my professional diary. It is based on the gains of my internship in an American classroom. A six month stay made possible thanks to a Fulbright grant in 2007. The issues tackled were my flag ship since 1990, as a researcher at the Faculté des Sciences de l'Education in Rabat. Its purpose is to look for ways to create a brain friendly atmosphere to meet students' expectations and to stop their misbehaviour.
Each chapter is a summary of a workshop I had attended in Missouri. It usually bears the name of the report I had to hand in to My mentor, Dr. Scwick.

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Collection Classique
Date de publication 16 avr. 2014
Nom No child Left behind
Langue Français
Auteur Samira Elfilaly
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Livre papier

Nombre de pages 230
ISBN 9782332663023

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ISBN 9782332663030

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