My sea to your shore

Par Joddie Crossey

Thème : Sentimental

Format : Grand Format (170x240)

Nombre de pages : 354

Date de publication : 04/06/2012

ISBN : 9782332502810


Livre papier
34,00 €

Livre numérique : format Pdf
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Twenty-five year-old Brooklynn is about to tie her life to another, with her feet on the sand, when she takes a look back on the past ten years that brought her back there each time she wanted to give up on her life. She brings us to her resentful, painful past, with a bittersweet feeling of an achieved struggle against herself, a struggle where she made herself her own enemy since she was fifteen years old. She's always belonged to the water, until someone special transformed that lonely, dark and lost girl into someone reborn, and complete at the touch of sand and literature. Through violence, loss, rebellion, jealousy, family, war, cheating and distance, she's learned to run against the wind thanks to poetry and love, and to get through her unwillingness to follow the rules of society.

Biographie de Joddie Crossey

Born on August, 3rd, 1985, Joddie Crossey has always got a way to move her close ones, and many other people, by her personality, her character, but above all by her uncommon sensitivity. She’s started writing her novels at the age of 21, but she’s already expressed her passion for writing at 14 years old, through poems and songs. At only just 18 years old, with her high school diploma, she decided to go to law school, until she actually realized that she’s always had a passion for writing and English since she was 14 years old. She decided, at 22 years old, to go to English literature university, where she really understood what was her way, her destiny. Then, she met the love of her life at 25 years old, who supported her in getting her novels published.

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