The beautiful life in the eyes of the creator

Par Halim Behlouli

Thème : Psychologie / Psychanalyse

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 50

Date de publication : 13/02/2018

ISBN : 9782414209422


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The beautiful life in the eyes of the creator is a work of spiritual social psychology, which generates the discipline, the education and the wellness of those who are interested in all the people, tribes, families and nations, to have a noble image of what it is to live the paradise on Earth. I received the title of this work on March sixteen two thousand - eight to seventeen hours, by the spirit of the Living God, through spiritual inspiration.

Biographie de Halim Behlouli

Halim Behlouli was born in a village high perched from the commune Daïra of Amizour which one called Ighil Ialouanene, in the Wilaya of Bejaia in Kabylia. It was on December 21st, 1975.

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