The overcoat of Virginia

Par Belkacem Meghzouchene

Thème : Roman de société / actualité

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 224

Date de publication : 27/05/2013

ISBN : 9782332576736


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21,50 €

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This novel is a story about two sisters, one of whom (Tinhinan) committed suicide without warning, leaving the other (Maciva) in throes. The track of suicide’s rationale takes Maciva to interrogate people, who had known her sister, scratching earth to pinpoint the second Tinhinan swopped life for death. Actually, the tragedy snowballed to Maciva as she lost Tinhinan shortly after her divorce, a child as a collateral damage. As the chapters are unfolding like withering petals, readers will become aware that suicides have touched all the peoples, cultures, ages, professions and genders, since old times. “The malediction of Cain?”. Rather than being a naked depiction of suicides’ whys and wherefores, the novel takes on the selfish side of self-killers. There is no comfort in a suicide.

Biographie de Belkacem Meghzouchene

Belkacem Meghzouchene is an Algerian author (born October 18, 1979 in Aït Hamsi, Algeria.) A geneticist by training, he has published his first novel, Sophia In The White City (Editions l'Odyssée, 2010), a premiere in French-prone Maghrebi country. In June 2011, he won the first award of Prix Ali Maâchi des Jeunes Créateurs De Son Excellence le Président de la République (Algeria), for his writings. He's married, and lives in Tizi Ouzou. He loves his country and family.

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