Prince of the Butterflies

Par Lysa Sarkis

Thème : Jeunesse / Ado

Format : A l'italienne (210x148)

Nombre de pages : 32

Date de publication : 02/12/2013

ISBN : 9782332562128


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8,50 €

Livre numérique : format Pdf
4,99 €


« Prince of Butterfly » is the story of an initiatory travel all around the world led by our hero searching for the Tree of Life : the tree that will help him become the future King. In this quest where he goes through surprising and bad times, he will get more than expected...Would you like to know what ?? Go ahead...Let us follow Prince of the Butterfly in his journey. This fairy tale is the joint work between Lysa Sarkis, youth author and Jean-Francois Larrieu, painter .

Biographie de Lysa Sarkis

Lysa Sarkis is a real dreamer . Fortunately, her generous temper makes us share her boundless and sometimes unrealistic imagination...wandering from Alice in Wonderland to Tim Burton's creations. In her fairy tales, various imaginary and loony characters jostle for our greatest delight...children and grown-ups too. Be curious and, in your turn, let you catch by her colourful and play world . Her first texts are distributed under patent licence Disney-Pixar. Jean-Francois Larrieu is a contemporary French painter . Very well-known all around the world from his early age, his paintings are in exhibition in the museums of the five continents from more than 30 years.

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