The tears of sacrifice

The tears of sacrifice

Par Paul-Ekiza

Thème : Arts et spectacle

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 150

Date de publication : 07/10/2019

ISBN : 9782414365630


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Konia is very glad when her uncle informs her that she will go to the city to continue her studies. In the city, unfortunately she will not go to school. She will be used as a maid thank to the friendship of her uncle. Far from her poor family, Konia wants to achieve her dreams although the difficulties that she will meet. Will she be able achieve her dreams? On the way to success, Konia gets pregnant at ten years old. But who has done it to this little innocent girl? From now on, she has to think how she will bring up this unexpected baby.

Biographie de Paul-Ekiza

Paul-Ekiza is from Kouakougou subprefecture of Bonguera in department of M’bahikro (Ivory Coast). The author is fatherless since the age of one year. His cousin had taken him to adopt him. It is only at twelve years old that Paul -Ekiza would know that that one he called father was his cousin. Then he understood how many times he was lucky to be educated instead of being used as a farmer like many children of his age coming from village.

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