The issue of reviewing the constitutionality of the statutes by the people's initiative

A cross glance between the French and the Canadian systems of judicial review

Par Serge Surin

Thème : Economie / Droit

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 72

Date de publication : 24 juillet 2013

ISBN : 9782332595256


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As the most important actors in democracy, the people are not only some electors who delegate all their powers and confidence to the classic branches of government. They participate actively in the life of the society by inciting the removal of bad and unfair statutes enacted by Parliament and applicable to them, statutes that often infringe their rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. They do so specifically by using their right in judicial review of statutes before the competent judges. The current work of research consists of comparing the judicial review initiated by the people in France and in Canada.

Biographie de Serge Surin

Serge Surin is a Ph.D Student in Constitutional Law at the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. He went to Canada for a-six-month discovery internship, from April to October, 2011. During his internship, he went to the University of Ottawa, where he wrote the current Academic Writing that compares the recent mechanism of judicial review in France, with the Canadian’s one.

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Collection Classique
Date de publication 24 juil. 2013
Nom The issue of reviewing the constitutionality of the statutes by the people's initiative
Langue Français
Auteur Serge Surin
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Livre papier

Nombre de pages 72
ISBN 9782332595256

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ISBN 9782332595263

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