The Ace of Spades in disarray

Par Emmanuel Zoungrana

Thème : Roman de société / actualité

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 188

Date de publication : 25/11/2014

ISBN : 9782332807045


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In Ivene, a country in Black Africa, the society was haunted by its own mores. Those who wanted to uphold the cruel rituals outrightly rejected the proponents of change. Plunged in its tragedy, adventures, drama and disarray, the Nation, upset and undecided, faced its social disintegration. For a long time, this society sought, perhaps way behond what was necessary, the required scheme of evolution. In this social backdrop, appeared Azi Josué Marien, a man with accurate sense of smell, whose behaviour and achievement dazzled everyone in the city. Spectacular as this city boy may be, the man perhaps didn’t realise it, and the humanitarian role he played should have driven the country through success. Indeed, the moment when the Ivene society could read his mind, too late perhaps, things and people around the Ace of Spades had already turned the other way. It is in this context that the escalation went beyond control.

Biographie de Emmanuel Zoungrana

Emmanuel Zoungrana was born on 31st of December 1981, in Bigtogo, a village of Burkina-Faso. He entered the national military school of Kadiogo (PMK) in 1993, then completed his studies by obtaining in 2000 a French “baccalauréat”, with philosophy major. In October of the same year, he joined the Officers Cadets School of Togo from where he graduated as 2nd Lieutenant in 2003. After attending several Rangers Trainings in Morroco, France and Kpewa centers, he obtained in 2005 the Commando Highest Level Qualification, the Train of the Trainers certificate. Since January 2011, the author is Captain of Parachute Infantry, and is currently serving at the 25th Special Forces Regiment in Bobo-Dioulasso.

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