Teaching portfolio : make it happen

Par Dr Salima Maouche-Ketfi

Thème : Essai / Etude autres

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Nombre de pages : 152

Date de publication : 06/05/2015

ISBN : 9782332901392


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In a factual description of my teaching accomplishments (28 years in teaching), cemented by relevant information, directed and gathered from real facts I observed on the field, I compiled these articles to show and support the thinking process which I have involved in this folder I entitled Teaching Portfolio: make it happen, to render this technical term more understood.The purpose of my statement is to describe my general approach to teaching and learning and their changes in response to the changing conditions demonstrated by a diversity of factors and behaviors I witnessed in and out of the classroom.

Biographie de Dr Salima Maouche-Ketfi

Dr Salima Maouche-Ketfi is a permanent university lecturer and former head of the department of english, faculty of letters and languages, university of Bejaia. In 2013, she has been appointed the Dean assistant in charge of the post-graduate studies and the scientific research. She has been teaching for twenty-eight years. She has edited five books on the african literature and civilization: The role of folk tales in teaching and learning foreign languages in Algeria (edition Kindle, Amazon), and on translation. At her own count, she contributed with different works in national and international conferences and seminars. She has published 14 works in national university scientific journals. She has also been appointed 10 times as a conference scientific member in various conferences.

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