Sustainable development of marine algae in the Moroccan Atlantic coast

Par Noura Hanif

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Date de publication : 28 décembre 2015

ISBN : 9782332811066


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At the end of this research, natural seaweed fields are in real danger. Overfishing remains the major cause of the recognized during recent years in the destruction of this resource deficient.

We have shown that during the three years of study (2011, 2012 and 2013) the collection effort red algae Gelidium sesquipedale negatively influence the annual production obtained pendant companion authorized to collect algae.

Since the conditions for the success of seaweed are difficult to do with performance, ways of valorisation remains a method to protect algal wealth.

Biographie de Noura Hanif

Noura Hanif, aged 29 years, is born in El Jadida in Morocco. She's Professor of Life Sciences and Earth High School. She got her Masters in Environmental Engineering and Health in 2008. She's in the final phase of doctoral studies at the University chouaib doukkali El Jadida in Morocco.
She published several works of scientific research and she's the coordinator of a project in its third version on education for sustainable development led to the High School environment.

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Collection Classique
Date de publication 28 déc. 2015
Nom Sustainable development of marine algae in the Moroccan Atlantic coast
Langue Anglais
Auteur Noura Hanif
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Nombre de pages 112
ISBN 9782332811066

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