Sound Command of English Grammar

Sound Command of English Grammar

Par Insa Kane

Thème : Essai / Etude autres

Date de publication : 06/07/2015

Sound Command of English Grammar is an educational handbook for the benefit of students and English lovers to help them improve their oral and written skills regarding the English language. Through this book, we aim at improving the quality of the Senegalese didactical materials and curriculum by providing with English learners and English teachers a variety of practical tests in grammar, vocabulary, translation, dialogues and writing for a good acquisition of this language.

  • Roman (134x204)
  • 86 pages
  • ISBN : 9782332964052
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Insa Kane


Insa Kane

From an extended family of Pulaar and Wolof, Insa Kane was born in Thilène, a small village in northern Senegal about 27 miles away from the city of Saint-Louis. He started with the “Koranic School” at the age of 5, learning to read and memorize the holy Koran before attending the elementary school in his native village. He got his High School Diploma in 2006 from Charles de Gaulle High School. In 2011, he completed his M.A degree in English, specializing in Applied Linguistics at Gaston Berger University. He then went to the Business School of Dakar (SupdeCo) where he got his Masters in Communication in 2012.


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