Myspace Love. A Meaning to your life.

Traduction en Anglais

Par Christophe Lourenço

Thème : Roman de société / actualité

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 206

Date de publication : 13/04/2012

ISBN : 9782332477392


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18,00 €

Livre numérique : format Pdf et format Epub
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The novel opens a door on how divine love affects our human relationships. There is a spiritual experience for all in this delicious romantic comedy, in the tradition of Jean-Yves Leloup and Paulo Coelho... Sean and Elisa, from Heaven to earth, from New York to Paris, from Paris to Cairo, open themselves to the experience of pure love; to their dream myspace, a place of miracles. Awakened by the breath of life to the rhythm of their lives, they are guided to a future which abundantly enriches all aspects of their lives. This nectar of love, a living reality full of surprises, opens from the flowers of their desire to nourish their sense of a higher love, in which their friendship is born. At the richest height of this love, a true spiritual struggle with adultery, a wind of release will carry them and their friends, Colombia, Young and Thomas on the path of Light... This combination of fire and love restores the novel's relationships. It reveals a vision of love's wisdom, of heaven made visible, as their love moves from earthly passion to a mad, burning fire of self-giving that recreates them as new man and new woman. They become beautifully combined in the heart of a God who loves to celebrate the victory of love.

Biographie de Christophe Lourenço

Born in 1969, Christophe Lourenço is a life coach, therapist and author. He has always sought through his art to communicate ways in which the self can be developed within human relationships; to envision a society founded on Love. The screenplay of Myspace Love was shortlisted for the final of the 27th competition in Los Angeles, a fitting tribute to this exciting project. And now, he is again for the final of the 28th contest. Call to the professionals to make a gift of love to the world with this blessed script. Myspace Love is a powerful vision, an experience to be lived and shared, by every reader looking to transform the world for the better.

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