Mask of the Erring Ghost

Par Risey Yembele

Thème : Arts et spectacle

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 160

Date de publication : 25/05/2018

ISBN : 9782414229789


Livre papier
19,50 €

Livre numérique : format Pdf
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Walls have ears but this time they are stone deaf to the downfall of an important member of the government. While rumors are busy echoing out there, the owl, abreast of the conspiracy, wants to bring the whole story to the attention of the public. It therefore starts singing the premonitory song considered as a harbinger of misfortune by the people of the Democratic Republic of Kulunsi.

Biographie de Risey Yembele

Risey Yembele was born in 1974 at Loutete, a city in southern Congo-Brazzaville. He holds a master’s degree in TEFL/TESL and a diploma in translation. He started his professional career as a translator at Engineering Petroleum & Industries in Pointe Noire - Congo. He joined an international organization as a consular assistant on July 6, 2009. Risey is engaged and has six children.

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