Sabra and Sultan

The Starry-Eyed Girl and the Lion

Par Mohamed Bacha

Thème : Autres / Divers

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 22

Date de publication : 29/07/2013

ISBN : 9782332608772


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8,50 €

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In 'Ayoun Essid', an isolated Tunisian village, where locals communicate mainly through proverbs lived Sabra, an ambitious and idealist girl. After a divorce, she flees her village and the malicious gossip to live with a lion with mysteriously humane eyes. Together, they found the utmost happiness and enjoyment; a semi-human, semi- animal life. Sabra tried to satisfy Sultan's inner longing to be a Man! But she was also satisfying her own old desire for The Perfect Happiness. Was she wise to do so? Didn't she escape 'The World of Men?' An oral tale adapted to written English, keeping the magical spirit of the original. The story is built around a core Tunisian proverb: 'Malicious words dwell in the heart...', infused with other proverbs: each proverb playing a crucial role in the plot.

Biographie de Mohamed Bacha

Mohamed Bacha is a Tunisian writer, translator and researcher in Applied Linguistics. He is a keen observer and admirer of Tunisian oral culture: its folktales, poetry, proverbs and sayings. He was inspired by that vivid, eternal oral culture to write the story of Sabra and Sultan. His writings aim to transfer a local oral culture (in threat of being lost) to be discovered by an international audience, through the English language; to share undiscovered, wonderful folktales with the world, knowing that tales are a universal expression; Convey the expressive power of Tunisian proverbs. A fantastic, magic realist world, which preserves the tunisianity and soul of tales. A genuine Tunisian story infused with Tunisian proverbs. It surprises you with its beauty and universality.

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