In Hazy Zones

Par Cathie Fidler

Thème : Roman policier / suspense

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 256

Date de publication : 13 décembre 2011

ISBN : 9782332459350


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September 1943. The Nazis occupy Nice, and the Jewish population is being hunted. Hidden in a closet, little Elsie Oppenheimer hears men carrying away her parents and their protectors. She will never see them again… Thus begins From a Dead End.
Who were the heroes, who were the cowards, and what were their motives' The survivors of the Second World War and their descendants attempt to discover the answers to these questions in each of these hazy zones, set throughout the French Riviera during the Occupation. These three stories have in common the search for a faded truth, and if the tales are hazy, they are in keeping with the fog of memory and distance. Each immerses us in a painful, truly haunting past, where distorted and distorting memory continues to be passed down well after the death of the protagonists.

“Nice, August 26, 1943
To the Relevant Authorities:
The Basinos are hiding Jews in their house on the extension of the Chemin de la Conque. When will you finally decide to rid us of this vermin'”

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Collection Classique
Date de publication 13 déc. 2011
Nom In Hazy Zones
Langue Anglais
Auteur Cathie Fidler
Pas d'extrait sur site N/A

Livre papier

Nombre de pages 256
ISBN 9782332459350

Livre PDF

Nombre de pages 256
ISBN 9782332459350

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