Holy Father

Par Chris Barnes

Thème : Roman science fiction

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 122

Date de publication : 23/08/2013

ISBN : 9782332618443


Livre papier
13,00 €

Livre numérique : format Pdf
1,99 €


Harshly treated by his father, Dorian manages to escape and, after an incredible travel through space and time, meets his father when he was his age. That encounter will give him lots of useful explanations, and could maybe change his present life. Before meeting his future father, Dorian will know quite a lot of adventures which will permit him to reset all his certainties and show him the truth about some famous personages and events...

Biographie de Chris Barnes

Born in 1944 in French North Africa, Chris Ferrer never thought he would become an English teacher some day, his first intention being becoming a sports or a Spanish teacher. But life and fate led him elsewhere. After a whole career in that profession which he loved very much indeed, almost as much as the English language itself, he retired. Not willing to forget all his notions on that marvellous civilization, he set himself to writing, first short stories and then a whole series of novels, mainly fantastic ones. He never wanted to sell his works, but his readers pushed him to do so, arguing his stories were worth reading...

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