Par Clemence L. Yanke-Ngijoe

Thème : Poésie

Format : Grand Format (170x240)

Nombre de pages : 72

Date de publication : 16/03/2015

ISBN : 9782332793775


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« If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, thank you, that would suffice. » (Meister Eckhart) <br/>

This work acknowledges the love of God to all. Clemence L. Yanke-Ngijoe believes the best way to demonstrate love to our beloved ones will be through gratitude as we are taught that : « In everything, give thanks always ». We have to learn how to be thankful, to teach our kids and youth to be grateful regardless the other character of their parents, siblings, teachers, medical personnel, friends and any one on their way. Our present life is the fruit of love, sacrifice, compassion and contribution from so many people. These poems show gratitude to our creator, our parents, children and friends. We just have to say thank you to all for being part of our life.

Biographie de Clemence L. Yanke-Ngijoe

Clemence L. Yanke-Ngijoe was born and grew up in Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon. Her spirit of imagination, quest of knowledge, love for reading and writing pre-destined her to become a published author. She obtained her Bachelor degree in Economics Sciences from the University of Yaounde, a Diploma of Development Studies from Panafrican Institute, and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, California, USA. As a missionary of love, peace and compassion, she is a founder member of Foundation NYB Shalom, a humanitarian organization, where she works for the empowerment, development and education of children, youth and women. She is also a member of ACWA (Anglophone Cameroon Writers Association).

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Merci : a million thanks ! - 17/03/2015

Infiniment merci à Edilivre pour un travail si bien fait et avec tant de patience. Une grande reconnaissance pour la confiance aux auteurs sans distinction de race ou de pays ou d’expérience. Que le seigneur vous bénisse abondamment. Infiniment merci ! Cordialement, Shalom4love

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