Golden tears on drooping leaves

Par Dr Tayeb Bouazid

Thème : Poésie

Format : A l'italienne (210x148)

Nombre de pages : 96

Date de publication : 28/11/2014

ISBN : 9782332832245


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Golden tears on drooping leaves is a collection of poems bearing factual issues as the arab Spring, on Egypt-the injured, Madiba the great, Memories from the black decade , When wrens stop twittering and Social oppression. In addition, it caters for nature description as in The roses of Winter, Seasons : fall, winter, spring and summer and The Secrets of Nature.
The book also portrays social issues as loneliness friendship , fear, blindness, happiness, joyful moments, sadness and friendship besides reflection on writing and onomatopoeic words. In a nutshell, this collection of poems deserves a scrutinity and critical reading.

Biographie de Dr Tayeb Bouazid

Mr Tayeb Bouazid is a graduate and postgraduate lecturer in the English Department University Mohamed Boudiaf, Msila, Algeria. He has an MA in psycho pedagogy and TEFL, a MEd (with specialisation in Environmental Education (UNISA) and a Teacher Trainer Certificate of Advanced Studies from Lancaster University. In addition, he is recently awarded a completion certificate with Middle East Partnership of the best practices in teacher training programs. Mr Bouazid is a freelance writer for the London School of Journalism and he is a fifth year doctorate student at the University of Batna, Algeria.the author has already contributed to many articles writing- Southern African Journal of Environmental Education, Vol. 26, 2009 , Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, 27 (1&2): 59- 69 (2009), Per Linguam 2010 26(2): 33-49 Department of Curriculum Studies, Private Bag X1 7602 Stellenbosch, South Africa. Mr Bouazid contributed with poems with CLRI july 2013,Jan.2014

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