Glamour house

Par Onor Wildrop

Thème : Autres / Divers

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 246

Date de publication : 12/05/2014

ISBN : 9782332712059


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Glamour House depicts the glamour of fame and wealth at its peak. In the spotlight of flashy celebrity, there is always the other side which is not exposed to the the public; the shady malevolent secret of big personalities. Willy Webber, a retired NBA super icon looking for an even greater zenith of fame, gambles into politics and wins the governorship of the US state of New York. The office comes up with a lot of challenges, first his lack of exprience and more importantly his murky private life. Issues of his family status and sexual orientation cast a dark shadow on his job but with the magic of his intelligence, he succeeds to play over the public wits and puts away his eccentric private life from scrutiny. Money, power and respect are the attributes that gives Mr. Webber everything that he needs whether it be it achievement or the straight-or-dubious connection existing in the peculiar American political system. But there is something that stands as a torn in his flesh, the question of his private life. He is thorn between being faithful to his job or family; he has to do with one and do away with the other because he is Webber. When he chooses to act he does everything to keep it secret and would hold nothing back. The novel is a suspense thriller full of vivid and exciting action that portrays the sordid dealing of money and power which imposes its way on the public eye.

Biographie de Onor Wildrop

Onor Wildrop is a young multi-talented Cameroonian of English and French expression. He holds a diploma in Tourism and Travel Agency Management from Cambridge International College London UK but has a passion in reading and writing literature. He has authored some western -style fiction novels like Metamorphosis, The Prize of Celebrity and The Devil in our Midst. He is also a philanthropist having served several small scale organizations for the development of society in his native Cameroon. He is also working toward his own multi-purpose community business.

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Avis des lecteurs

Du bon - 22/08/2014

"Glamour house" est un régal ! L'auteur fait une incursion dans notre quotidien dans un style qui lui est propre. A lire, à ACHETER et à garder sur son chevet !

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