Energy and environmental economics

Energy and environmental economics

Par Moulay El Mehdi Falloul

Thème : Essai / Etude autres

Format : Grand Format (170x240)

Nombre de pages : 260

Date de publication : 19/05/2015

ISBN : 9782332936950


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This text provides an overview and a clear introduction to the fields of energy and environmental economics. The volume’s audience is broad-gauged, academics and students seeking foundations for learning and research, and practitioners seeking guidance for informing their critical decisions in energy and environmental economics. Both newcomers to study of the field and those with a deeper knowledge base will find the material informative and stimulating.
In order to establish boundaries and facilitate learning, I have divided this book into two parts: the first part deal with energy economics and the second part deal with environmental economics.

Biographie de Moulay El Mehdi Falloul

Moulay El Mehdi Falloul is a statistician economist. He received a PhD in finance and applied economics from Hassan II University Mohammedia. His field of studies includes statistics and applied economics, strategic studies and management engineering.

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