Par Marie Dubreuil

Thème : Biographie

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 56

Date de publication : 05/05/2017

ISBN : 9782414066179


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"I looked through the photographs one more time, and as I was putting them back in their boxes one by one, I thought to myself : "I want photographs to show my grandchildren too, pictures of faces of the people I met and knew and loved, I want stories from all the places I’ve ever lived in". But what kind of stories are there going to be if my only company is that of a phone and its bazillion apps or that of robot friends ?"

A reflexion on the ways our relationships with others and with ourselves have changed with the emergence of technology.

Biographie de Marie Dubreuil

Marie Dubreuil is a 20-something freelance writer and publicist based in London.
Arts and lifestyle writer since 2013, she's the author of her blog, On my way - by Marie (, and more recently became a writer for artsy magazine Creative Monday, as well as a contributor for Thought Catalog and The Mighty.
Tea drinker, art lover, big dreamer, and hopeless optimistic, Marie describes herself as "a big child who still believes in magic and sparkles some in writing".
After having completed her bachelor’s degree in English, French and German at ESTRI (School for International Careers in Lyon, France), she presents here the final project of her Master’s degree in arts and lifestyle journalism - a course she took at the University of the Arts in London (UAL).

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