Ashes and daisies

Par Bessem Chaouachi

Thème : Poésie

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 38

Date de publication : 17 novembre 2015

ISBN : 9782334042772


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Ashes and daisies is a medley of moods that embraces the universal, the human, as well as the intimate and personal. These poems transcribe polarized emotions: delight and gloominess, illusion and reality, weakness and strength, ecstasy and apathy... Some verses carry archaic echoes of Greek mythology and legends... The images of "ashes" evoke the life's unpredictable nature that defines our human condition, disillusionment, the imperfection of our humanity and moments of alienation and randomness. The images of "daisies" bespeak hope, strength and love, and the mystery of their originality. They are laden with emotional force as they stand in sharp contrast to the gloominess filling our space and the prevalent sense of seclusion.

Biographie de Bessem Chaouachi

Bessem Chaouachi, a Tunisian writer, is fond of literature, reading and writing short stories and poems. He has been writing poems since a very early age. He is currently a computer science teacher and a third-year student of English.

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Informations sur l'ouvrage

Collection Classique
Date de publication 17 nov. 2015
Nom Ashes and daisies
Langue Français
Auteur Bessem Chaouachi
Pas d'extrait sur site Non

Livre papier

Nombre de pages 38
ISBN 9782334042772

Livre PDF

ISBN 9782334042789

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