A fist to wake up your conscience

A fist to wake up your conscience

Par Lionnel Delon Dagba

Thème : Essai / Etude autres

Date de publication : 12/09/2022

Imagine that you are the person on whom the future of humanity rests. How are you going to do it? Will you remain cloistered in your couch to imagine in the company of your favorite wine this becoming? Or, will you feed yourself with the dose of courage you need to give reason to the world that trusted you? Our society, as complex as it is, lets flow in these entrails two different philosophical tendencies whose common goal is success. In this book, you will find demystified these two trends that, once discovered, help the reader to extricate himself from the mass, trigger a click in his existence and thus promote a saving fulfillment. So, take pleasure in this little journey full of truth. It will free you from your brakes so that finally you are determined to realize your dreams.

  • Roman (134x204)
  • 50 pages
  • ISBN : 9782414423781
8,00 €
4,99 €

Lionnel Delon Dagba


Lionnel Delon Dagba

Lionnel Delon Dagba is a versatile. He is passionate about commerce, the digital economy and the management of human resources. He is part of this conscious generation who very early realized that the future of humanity passes by the fulfillment of a self-profitable for all; that education is not a luxury to haggle, but a necessity in which investing is a must.

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