2039 A Preventive Fiction

Par Jean-Claude Meslin

Thème : Roman science fiction

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 240

Date de publication : 09/10/2013

ISBN : 9782332628404


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19,00 €

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This novel is a fiction narrating the life of two people (one Russian the other French) that get married and adopt a little boy who wrote his parents’ stories depicting the events occuring up to the year 2039. Seeing how badly the World is governed, the author poses the hypothesis that if a God does not manifest Itself, or a cosmic event, independant of Mans' will does not take place, mankind will inexorably be destroyed.

Biographie de Jean-Claude Meslin

Jean-Claude Meslin was born on May the 19th 1939 at Pont-Audemer in France. Soon after his father was taken prisoner by the Germans whilst his mother took shelter to Valéry sur Somme, where she was born. Pennyless she left her son at her brother's who was a well-known farmer. Life was kind until the father’s return. Then 10 years of hell started. None the less he managed to be a good student and received a degree with a grade pass both from school and Technical college. From 1958 to 1960 he spent 30 months in the French Air Force, then spent nearly 3 years in the French underground nuclear experimentations in In-Ekker Algeria. He left that facility the day before an experiment's failure (May 1st 1962) only to return in July 1963... From October 1964 to September1984, he then spent nearly 20 years in North-America under the employment of the aerospace industry. In April 1967 at the Montreal-Expo he met his first Russian (Soviets) friends. In Sept 1984, after two lung infections, he went back to France to the Alps Mountains in order to get his health back. It was a total success and the single real satisfaction of such a come-back. Through sports (tennis) he met other Russians, including a Novesti correspondant. Consequently he received since 1997 fifteen invitations (one to three months) to visit Russia (mostly Moscow and the Orenburg-Region). This interesting destiny enabled him to a keener vision on what is going on in this World, giving opportunities to prevent impending dangers (Writing can help!).

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