The Swan Lake

Par Khalida Madoui

Thème : Arts et spectacle

Format : Roman (134x204)

Nombre de pages : 32

Date de publication : 11/07/2018

ISBN : 9782414218264


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Livre numérique : format Pdf


(folowing Odette)

No… no,

Don’t go.

(trying to escape)

No, please do not follow me,
For I have no right to be free.
I am princess Odette;
And my kingdom I still regret.
The sorcerer kidnapped me,
I lost all fellow and family.
I am under the spell;
And to an evil magician a prisoner I fell,
Rothbart turned me into a swan,
And all my friends were too; I am not the only one.
I must in that form live,
For I refused in his love believe.
In the castle, I will prisoner stay,
And never be a woman during the day.


No, Odette don’t surrender,
I will help you and save you forever.
I will come and see him,
And with much courage I will fight him.
Your freedom I must get back,
And in my castle you will have all your luck.

Biographie de Khalida Madoui

Khalida Madoui is an Algerian playwright. She is a lecturer of literature and civilization at the Higher College for Teachers (École Normale Supérieure Assia Djebar, Constantine, Algeria). She is fond of Arts notably theatre, writings in prose or verses, and music. She plays viola and adores the ‘Malouf’ and the Arabo-Andalusian songs.  She is eager to depict in her plays great literary chefs-d'œuvre with a melting-cultural technique that would bring those classics, differently, to the universal stage.

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